As a professional home hardware rail manufacturers, Dige has been oriented to customer demand. Purchase of convenience for the metal industry, the importance of customer visits. To make our customers more convenient and efficient buy Dige Dige decision established dealer network, providing our customers a convenient purchasing network.

Investment requirements:
1, a good economic strength and operating capabilities.
2, where it has good social relations.
3, with a certain amount of hardware client resources.
4 wholeheartedly to Dige metal products, operating in
5, willing to take on the obligation to after-sales service to customers.

Distribution of income:
The Dige authorized brands and products to franchisees, franchisees invest in the establishment of business premises and operations, independent accounting, self-financing, to accept the company's management and supervision in the image and operations.

More than 100,000. Considering at the level of economic and administrative level

The person in charge (part-time business development), familiar with the metal rail industry to develop business ability.
Engineer familiar with the hardware installation, hardware and technical support.