Rail household hardware settings can be divided into general and special two categories, the former including hinges, hinge rail, the latter including bathroom hardware and kitchen accessories. Hinges, slides, hinges and locks in life the most frequently used, and thus all the more important.
The development of the market diversification

In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of consumer demand, hardware accessories greater demand and higher requirements. "Take the furniture industry, the quality and grade of the furniture is mainly reflected in the selection of the hardware accessories. Furniture inconvenient to use, in large part because the furniture hardware accessories improper selection or lack of cause." Luo Baihui Association, who said, as long as The corresponding hardware accessories, very complex multi-functional furniture can be produced. Hardware accessories furniture value accounted for 5%, but accounted for 85% of running comfort. Visible, hardware accessories in the importance of furniture.
Previously, household hardware is more emphasis on the quality of its mechanical properties, rust, moisture resistance, moving parts fatigue performance.
Increasing demand for personalized and holistic today in the home improvement, household hardware to meet the functional, but also has some bright spots decorative and supporting the integrity of the overall decoration style.
Take the most common handle, currently on the market in addition to stainless steel salad hand, as well as black, bronze, light chrome, pearl nickel plus clear lacquer, in shape, European, Chinese, conventional, shaped, etc. , to meet the diverse needs of consumers.
Household hardware to the development of intelligent

Home life more and more important for individuals, home comfort requirements are also increasing. Now people want to lazy lifestyle hardware more and more humane, intelligent.
The status of hardware in the home is so important, but most of the domestic high-end home hardware market and higher margin brand market occupation of imported hardware companies.
The basic major brands of home furniture and cabinet hardware accessories imported hardware companies embrace European companies such as Blum, Hettich, Germany or Italy into furniture hardware accessories after the biggest selling point of the plate.
Which reached 35% of the cabinet industry, hardware more clearly reflected. If the foreign high-end cabinet launched in the field of electronic intelligent pumping to achieve a simple design of the cabinets "no handle", "explosive".
The use of new damping and slide, cabinet drawer load, no rebound, no leakage, while extending the life of the damping and rail.
Integrated bathroom design, water temperature automatically adjust the bathroom accessories, the cassette lock, automatic door sensor switch have begun to enter people's lives, and provides the necessary conditions for the home to intelligent direction.
Competition in the market to high-end

With the booming domestic cabinet, bathroom, building materials and other home industry, most companies started to pay attention to the vast domestic market and export to the domestic focus of the development of corporate strategy.
The Home Hardware enterprises acutely aware of this, "Our goal is deeply involved in the domestic high-end market, we have to do research." A long-term OEM hardware manufacturers that, due to the long-term export abroad or for OEM for foreign, many domestic enterprises in the product quality is excellent. "The key is to change the practices of the past, heavy manufacturing, light brand, and strengthen brand management capabilities and corporate image strategic awareness, so will be able to achieve its rightful position in the market."
A few years ago, "outwardly" the development trend of domestic home hardware companies are more obvious, at that time enterprise within the industry, but because of the low cost and highly competitive, most businesses are relying on lower product prices to gain market. As a result, corporate profits are very low, basically only reach to maintain production, but hard to make money in the state, the consequences of low prices, low value-added, low profits, companies do not have sufficient funds to sustainable development.
Companies can not progress, the industry would be difficult to improve, resulting in numerous advantages, the inferior is eliminated. The companies do not have sufficient funds to ensure that product design and technology content can not plagiarism and to accept overseas enterprises-order into a final choice of business survival. This will inevitably lead to the absence of domestic hardware accessories high-end market.
Accelerate the development of brand strategy

Hardware industry as supporting industries, although less prominent, but it is the basic industries and an important part of the manufacturing sector.
China's building materials and hardware industry after years of development, industry size, industry influence and technical force has made considerable progress, a place in the world's largest metal pattern. Building materials and hardware in the rapid development of the problem can not be ignored.
Domestic building materials and hardware industry factory, more and more brand after another, building materials market, such as dotted, Hardware businesses springing up.
"The whole industry has been far greater than the market demand imbalance in the production and supply, so the competition is very fierce and more worrisome, but many manufacturers do not innovation and R & D capabilities and sustainable development strategy, just blindly imitate replication, product technology, style is almost the same, the entire market homogenization phenomenon is very serious, very single and traditional business model, a direct result of the hardware industry, the Red Sea market, the entry price competition situation. "Luo Baihui that the current mode of operation of the brand of hardware vendors in the market the main points professional brand system brand two.
The professional brand generally refers to the production of specialized factories to marketing their core single product. The advantage of this brand is a professional production, cost-effective, fast delivery, R & D and innovation ability.
But the disadvantage is that a single product line, superior products easily be peer imitate copy weakening Furthermore dealer shop can only occupy a wall display, brand image is difficult to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness is not strong, it is easy submerged in the accommodating market.
The system brand generally refers to the multi-category portfolio of brands, product line covers door locks, supporting projects hardware, large handle, door control hardware and bathroom accessories and other products.
This brand is usually as a terminal form of a store or shop, outstanding brand image, product mix, complement each other to drive the basic realization of one-stop shopping needs of the customer, but also solve the works to be able to multi-category products of the same brand procurement problems, reducing the dealer multiple aspects of the procurement, shop maximize the benefits; due to the huge system coupled with the brand's personalized, it is difficult to peer replication.
However, these brands in order to operate successfully is extremely difficult.
First, the vast majority of brand operators produce only a single core or no factories, other categories of complementary products in other factory direct elections variety of styles do OEM, highlights the lack of most of the products and selling points, there was no difference technology.
Second, high operating costs, most of the products are OEM OEM, so there is no competitive dealers to promote the brand is not enough confidence.
Third, the great pressure on the stock, the OEM processing plants with the degree is not enough, or too few varieties of style, and either often appear to goods out of stock, delivery is not timely phenomenon.
Fourth, in addition to the core of individual products, other OEM products difficult to update the introduction of new products.
The above two modes of brand strategies have advantages and disadvantages, each with its short. Luo Baihui that brand strategy will guide the industry-wide adjustment strategy, speed up transformation and structural adjustment, mainly by exports into both domestic and foreign trade, both domestic and foreign markets, "walking on two legs, and continued to develop the domestic market. Such a positive role in promoting the effectiveness significantly, causing the hardware industry rebound, showing explosive growth, especially in the domestic market on the rapid growth of the industry as a whole.